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North korea tourism website for tourist

According to experiences from travel agencies and many tourists who have traveled to North Korea share: Traveling to North Korea is not too complicated if you strictly follow the rules and should follow the tour of the travel agency credit. Visitors are allowed to take pictures in North Korea but must strictly comply with regulations, in this country, pickpockets and robberies are almost absent. So, for your next summer trip, North Korea may be the right place.
Overview about North Korea tour
Last year, 300 visitors from Vietnam came to the country known as the world's most mysterious. In particular, President Kim Jong-un's official visit to Vietnam is an important event, creating a positive influence, encouraging Vietnamese people to learn about Korea as a new destination.
Taking advantage of this opportunity, North Korea first opened a booth at the International Tourism Fair VITM 2019 to promote the image of this country to the people of Vietnam. Previously, this country used to participate in tourism events in China, Thailand and Singapore. The Korea Tourism Administration also cooperates with travel companies around the world to attract Chinese, Southeast Asian, Middle Eastern, European, Australian and American visitors.
Visitors to Korea can visit many cultural, historical and natural destinations such as Kaesong, Kumgang Mountain, Myohyang Mountain, Wonsan Beach and various experiences such as hiking, skiing, and marathon... The government of this country is rushing to complete the resort at Wonsan beach and on Chilbo mountain, calling on enterprises to invest in developing tourism infrastructure.
The main development strategy of North Korean tourism is to introduce direct flights. Air Koryo is deploying charter flights from Chinese cities such as Shanghai, Dalian, Dandong, Guangzhou... to Pyongyang. Since then, the North Korean tourism industry has set a target for the Vietnamese market to bring its charter trip Hanoi - Pyongyang into operation. In recent years, North Korea has intrigued Vietnamese people - a factor that attracts them to travel. In 2018, the new Hanoi - Beijing route will come into operation, and there is a connection to Pyongyang, many travel agencies find this is an opportunity to bring visitors to this mysterious land.
Information about tourism website
Currently in Vietnam, there are no independent travel agencies organizing tours to this country, but tourists who want to visit this country will choose the tour provided by international travel companies or choose a combination tour organized by domestic travel companies in collaboration with foreign travel companies. That means you can only find travel through these agencies' websites. Google will be the tool for you to search north korea tourism website and you should spend time reading about tours providing information on the internet in order to choose the right tours for your need. Besides, although traveling to North Korea is not too hard, you still need to learn some important thing for example what you can bring to north korea or  information about attractive and impressive destination that you can not miss when traveling to this country. A careful preparation will bring you many benefits and make sure that you will have a safe trip.
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Update : 30-03-2019


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