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What you should buy in north korea travel trip?

What need to buy when traveling to Korea? According to the experience of Korean tourism, tourists traveling to Korea can wander around the shopping streets here. Visitors to Korea can choose watches, wine, ginseng, cigarettes, etc. You can also visit a bookstore to choose to buy a special book in this country. You can buy books introducing the history of the country and the people of Korea at the shops here. You can rest assured that there are books translated in English to serve tourists. 
What should I buy to travel to Korea?
When traveling to North Korea, visitors can also choose for themselves gifts such as flowers, cigarettes, ginseng ... These are special gifts when traveling to North Korea many tourists often choose to bring back as gifts. 
Korea is famous for many kinds of goods, beautiful and unique souvenirs. Therefore choosing what to buy when traveling to Korea for relatives and friends is quite easy when you go to Korean tourist destinations. Do not hesitate any longer please travel to North Korea today to travel to explore this exciting country right away so, do you know what should you buy when having a north korea travel trip.
North Korean description
North Korea outside the window is not towering high buildings, wide boulevards but instead, small villages, low roofs with a few dozen households in each cluster. Dozens of people sweating profusely made sugar by shovel hoe and crowbar. There are North Koreans on board. The easiest way to recognize them is the badge with two Korean leaders. They are often silent, not communicating with anyone. 
The train is near Binh Pyong station, high-rise buildings begin to appear, albeit quite old but quite clean. The streets also appear out of the doorway, with very few vehicles, trams and buses, but most are bicycles and walking. People are very rushed, and silent. 
According to Korean government regulations, all tourists are required to buy a tour if they want to visit this country. Korea says no to free travel. The easiest way is through Chinese travel companies.
Because North Korea does not allow self-travel, tourists are forced to buy tours from service providers. According to Quang Minh's experience, because China has a border near North Korea, Chinese tour operators often offer cheaper costs and the quality is quite good. Tour cost is the price from A to Z including Korean visa, 2-way train ticket (or air ticket), meals on board, all meals and accommodation and travel and travel schedule. In addition, visitors also need to apply for a Chinese visa in Vietnam.
Some rules and regulations
Although Koreans are quite welcoming and friendly to tourists, their country also has its own rules that anyone should pay attention to and comply with. Visitors must not take photos of the military and military-related structures such as weapons stations, barracks, bridges, tunnels and areas with military guards. If discovered, the natives have the right to delete those photos immediately. Before taking photos of the people, visitors should ask for their opinions. "In fact, this is a rule of civilized behavior that I think should be needed, whether you go to any country," Vietnamese tourists affirmed.
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Update : 30-04-2019


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